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ReVanced Music

Listen to High-Quality Music with no ads for free!

We all know of some of the major veteran companies of online music streaming, and YT Music, as well as Spotify, are excellent examples. These networks have dominated the on-demand services for music streaming online because they offer a wide variety of amazing user experiences and large catalogues of music from around the world.

However, there are limitations to using the free versions of YT Music since you need a premium account to access the highest-quality features available. Cons such as these are the reasons why many developers come up with look-alike versions of these apps to give users the full music streaming experience, and the ReVanced Music APK is a fantastic example of such a version.


What is ReVanced Music?

ReVanced Music is a music streaming application that allows you to listen to music anytime and anywhere. You can stream all the hits and listen to tracks as well as albums from all around the world and your designated region too.

With over 50 million songs in its catalogue, ReVanced Music is one of the most adored music streaming apps available online and your best music companion.

It helps you download songs using third-party apps such as Seal, Newpipe and others, but it does so for free. This means that with the ReVanced Music app allows you listen to quality music.

App Details

NameReVanced Music
DeveloperReVanced Team
Size54 MB
Updated onNovember 08, 2023



This app offers a history tab in the library section where you get to access all the previous tracks and albums or even shows you may have been listening to.

Album cover

This app allows users to download songs, albums and playlists with their original album cover for free, giving each track on your device a sense of completion.


Every song comes with accessible lyrics in the app. Sing along to your favourite songs using the in-app lyrics, or get to understand the artist’s message better by reading them too. The lyrics are accurate and on point for every track.

ReVanced Music recommends some of the best chills hits around the world, handpicked into one seductive playlist with songs I never even realized existed but needed to complete my musical meditation.

There are many other interesting and fun playlists that would appear under the recommendation sector, including:

  • Motivation Hits – In case you need the psych
  • Hits of the Moment – Live in the moment
  • Going Global – Worldwide hits
  • TikTok Hits – Trending beats on TikTok

Music by Genre

There are over 20+ genres to choose from, each of which offers diversity in musical culture under the same group. Here you can find various artists categorized under your preferred genre. 

Most Streamed Albums

Here you would find the most popular albums on the network or even around your region and get to listen to perfection in the artist’s vocals, tone, beats and lyrical melody. 

Music Charts

Find out if your favourite artist or song has made it to the global charts through the ReVanced Music application, and identify other tracks that you have been missing out on.

Quick Access

For those who don’t want to waste time looking for the song they should play next, you can head over to the Quick Access section in the search menu and tap ‘Flow.’ This would automatically play some of the best tracks that are sure to impress you, and the playlist selected would be flawless.

I just can’t get enough of the Joe Rogan Experience as well as Netflix is a Daily Joke. These are some of the podcasts available on ReVanced Music that complete my experience on the app, together with many other popular podcasts from around the world.

Download HQ Music

ReVanced Music App gives the option to select the YT Music Downloader. This means you can download any song for free, and it would be automatically saved to your device for offline listening. You can even decide to download entire albums at once and include every original track in it.


The app even offers analyzed statistics on the space it may have occupied and the content you may have downloaded. These include:

  • Offline tracks
  • Offline albums
  • Offline Playlists
  • Offline Size
  • Free space on your device

Quality Control

Take control of all the streaming and downloading quality, such as Mobile data streaming, Wi-fi streaming, Offline music and external downloads. These quality formats are:

  • MP3 128kbps
  • MP3 320kbps
  • OPUS format

Music by Mood

We all have our preferred taste in music, but sometimes our moods tend to change our cravings for the type of music we want to listen to. The ReVanced Music App allows you to listen to music and playlist based on the type of mood you’re in. These tracks are specially chosen to fit specific moods, including:

  • Flashback – Turn back time 
  • Chill – Cozy evenings or lazy Sundays
  • Romance – Netflix and chill
  • Workout – Beat your previous record
  • Party – The fun has just begun
  • Feel good – Anywhere and everywhere

The Good Old Days

Popular hits from decades ago that made the top charts and drove people insane all over the world are available for your ears, including:

  • Flashback – Turn back time 
  • Chill – Cozy evenings or lazy Sundays
  • Romance – Netflix and chill
  • Workout – Beat your previous record
  • Party – The fun has just begun
  • Feel good – Anywhere and everywhere


You can change the interface language and set it to your preferred one instead. There are over 20+ international languages to choose from, accommodating people from all walks of life. 

Appearance control

Take charge of the appearance of the app on your phone by changing the theme between Light, Dark, AMOLED and Material You.

Donate to team to improve the app. Also, this will help developers to sustain in their life.

Final Words

There shouldn’t be a price on the good things in life, the things that help us cope with our exhausting careers or lifestyles. Music is one of those things, and since you want the full musical experience both online and offline, download the ReVanced Music APK today and start listening to good music in its best quality.