Basically, ReVanced Music is an Android application which allows listening to music from free Internet sources. This official blog has been developed by a team of volunteers who are willing to contribute some of their time to this project.

Here, we write about the tech-related stuff along with updates and tutorials on ReVanced Music.

Thanks to the people who are currently contributing to the project. Some Honourable mentions are:

  • oSumAtrIX – 21-year-old hyper-enthusiastic full-time blockhead, who had the great idea to study computer science.
  • alexandreteles – Political Communication Researcher and Data Engineer
  • reis
  • Aunali321 – A open-source developer from India. I’m a self-taught software developer who’s very passionate about reverse engineering.
  • Axelen123 – I am a developer.
  • Robert – I write code even the computer can’t understand
  • PalmDevs – 15 year old self-taught full-stack developer, UI/UX designer.
  • validcube – I contribute to random thing.
  • Ushie – 17 year old aspiring programmer trying to find the motivation to learn and make an impact with coding.
  • xafn
  • TheAabedKhan – Dedicated Software Engineer and a Passionate Learner.

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