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Kotlin Multiplatform Music Downloader supports Spotify, Youtube, Gaana, Jio-Saavn and SoundCloud.

There are various limitations that come with streaming music from popular platforms such as Spotify and YouTube Music. These include the inability to download songs to your music player, restrictions that come with the free versions and, most of all, expensive premium subscription fees that not every user is willing or capable of paying. Due to such vulnerabilities, many alternative streaming applications and websites are being developed today to try and make up for the missing spark that users crave in these original streaming giants. Introducing the SpotiFlyer APK, a free music downloader that allows users to download and save good quality music content from ReVanced Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Soundcloud, Jiosaavn, and Gaana at no cost.


What is SpotiFlyer APK?

If you’re the type of person who likes saving their music offline and to their preferred music player, then this application is for you. With the SpotiFlyer APK, users can download songs from a few of the major streaming platforms, such as YouTube, Jiosaavn, YouTube Music, Soundcloud, Spotify, and Gaana, for free. Not only can you download audio content, but the app also allows users to save the audio files of videos from YouTube. Yes, YouTube videos can be converted to audio and downloaded using SpotiFlyer APK as long as you have the link to the desired content. Basically, the app was designed to provide users of all ages with a simple and free download platform. Anyone can jump in on the action because the app’s UI is appealing and easy to navigate through.

App Details

Size8.16 MB
Last updatedAugust 21, 2023

Download SpotiFlyer APK for Android, Windows, Linux & Mac

Not only is the app convenient for users who wouldn’t want to pay for downloads from the targeted sites, but it’s also fun to use since it comes with several attractive features. As compared to other music downloader apps, SpotiFlyer has shown much prowess when it comes to saving audio content because it also retrieves the original album art cover for every track downloaded. Similarly, being able to download the audio formats of any videos from YouTube makes it a valuable asset for not music lovers. Please note that the app might not function properly in certain regions. However, this shouldn’t put down your hopes because, with an active VPN, you can get it back into action in no time. Download the latest version of the SpotiFlyer from the link provided below.


Download songs for free


The SpotiFlyer APK allows users to download any track album for free from a specified list of platforms including Spotify. Gaana, Jiosaavn, YouTube, and YouTube Music. All one needs is to copy the link to their desired music content from a browser and paste it onto the app. Once it retrieves the files. You can download the said songs without any issues for free.

Download entire albums/playlists for free


With many other downloader apps, you would be required to paste the link of one song at a time when trying to download an entire album or playlist. However, with the SpotiFlyer APK, you can copy the link to the complete album and download all songs at once. You can also choose to download certain songs within the playlist while leaving out others.

Download with album cover


We all know the impact that an album cover or image has when downloading music online. While other music downloader apps only save the music for you, SpotiFlyer downloads the album cover with every track, album, or playlist exactly as it is on the targeted streaming platform. Every song in the playlist with come equipped with the original cover art for your convenience.

Play songs using your own player


When you download songs on Spotify, for example, you cannot use your personal music player on the device. You would be forced to play the songs on the Spotify app. However, SpotiFlyer allows users to set their preferred download path in their device and once the songs are downloaded, they can use their desired music/media player to listen to the tunes.



When you download music with SpotiFlyer, your data is always anonymized and never shared with third-party services unlike downloading them on platforms like Spotify that require all your personal details to log into your account.



You can contribute to helping others understand and enjoy the app by helping the developers translate it into your local language.

Fork the Project


Forking can be described as creating a personal copy of a project. These forks are bridges between the original copy by the developer and the users. To help make the project better, users can submit pull requests that suggest beneficial changes to the application. This means that if you’re good at coding and feel like there can be improvements made to the SpotiFlyer APK, you can always fork the project to help build better software. Also, being an open-source app, anyone can take part in building a better music downloader.


Does SpotiFlyer APK have in-app purchases?

No. The application is free to download music from Spotify, Jio-Saavn, Gaana and Soundcloud.

Can you stream the songs from the app directly?

SpotiFlyer is a music downloader app which means you can only download music and listen to it on your device’s music player.

Are the downloaded songs stored within the application?

Users can set a download path to store their downloaded songs on the device.

Can it download music videos from YouTube?

Being a music downloader, SpotiFlyer cannot download music videos. However, users can download any music video’s audio format.

Final Words

SpotiFlyer APK qualifies as an outstanding downloader because it gives users a download experience that cannot be found in major streaming sites as well as other downloader apps. You can share the application with your friends and if you’re impressed by its capabilities, a donation of any kind would always be appreciated to help with the maintenance of the software. Get your copy of the app today and enjoy free and entertaining music on your Android device.