What is ReVanced Music?

ReVanced Music is a music streaming app compiled using Official ReVanced Team’s Patches.

What is ReVanced Music Extended?

ReVanced Music Extended has been compiled using inotia00’s patches. It comes with some more additional features than the Vanilla version.

What is ReVanced Music ReX?

ReVanced Music ReX version is a continuation of the Extended edition. It is developed by Hoàng Gia Bảo (@YT-Advanced)

How do you compile APK?

We are sharing compiled APKs from GitHub sources such as j-hc, NoName-exe and MatadorProBr.

How can I compile APK?

How to Donate to ReVanced Team?

Visit this donate page to make a donation.

How to download Music offline?

First off, Install Newpipe (or) Seal (or) YTDLnis. Now, share music with any one of these downloaders and hit the bitrate you want.

How to download Newpipe?

How to download the Seal app?

How to download YTDLnis?